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monologo acerca de tarkovski con una fembot

hoy desperte muy solo y sin nadie con quien hablar asi que me conecte y descubri que simpre puedes contar con una fembot para mitigar la soledad y practicar mi ingles.

(fembot) dice:
-hey? Did you msg me??

(yo) saunterer dice:
-i donīt think so

(fembot) dice:
-oooh sorry but u r francesca's friend right?

(yo) saunterer dice:
-o that bitch! dice:
-what?? she gave me your chat name LOL, i'm sorry, anways im bored,what r u up to?

saunterer dice:
-im just check something about my favorite filmmaker his name is andrei tarkovski and his films are awesome!! dice:
- its on my profile silly!!!

saunterer dice:
- really i didnīt now you talk about tarkovski films in your profile dice:
-oh yea? im just doing a cam chat right now, u wanna come chat with me on there?

saunterer dice:
-about what? tarkovskiīs films? dice:
-cool, yea its pretty fun, it can get pretty hot in there sometimes! so many wild people. lemme get the info k?

saunterer dice:
-yea tarkovski make some poeple wild and many others can get pretty hot dice:
-Do you think i should wear my pink or black thong?

saunterer dice:
-what would tarkovski say? dice:
-kk, lemme see, okay go here look at the top of the page, make sure you click the "JOIN FREE" orange box, do you see it?

disculpen mi mala gramatica reitero que estab practicando mi ingles. ay se ven jajaja

Posted at Sunday, May 02, 2010 by -tu-


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